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The world’s trading communities as we know them today owe their existence to integrated maritime transport solutions that not only breached the tyranny of distance but also enabled efficient and effective delivery of large volumes of cargoes. Either with its own fleet of vessels that is constantly growing, chartered in tonnage or other brokerage arrangements, we provide cost effective solutions to your needs for offshore marine vessel support to the upstream oil and gas industry, domestic and international cabotage or international fixtures. To bring our experience to bear on your business, we combine local expertise and networks acquired over the years to an international network of professionals, consultants and institutions whose industry experience sums up to more than a century providing maritime transport and logistics solutions worldwide. Be it in the most rugged environment of the North Sea or the more benign Atlantic Ocean, seas and inland waterways, either in oil and gas, ordinary port and shipping industry operations or wider supply chain activities, these rare combinations will not only enable you to settle to your core business but help safeguard your assets and making them work hardest for you at all times.

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