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Providing all levels of skilled personnel ranging from shore based support staff, shipboard operational staff from ratings to officers, upstream oil & gas operations and management personnel as well as other supply chain professionals remains a core competency for us well into our Twenty years of continuous existence. Despite the ever changing environment in part required by compliance to the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) STCW95 Convention, the recent International Labour Organisation (ILO) MLC 2006, Local Labour Law and other sector specific statutory and voluntary requirements, we have added to these our internal quality management system requirements designed to guarantee our ability to meet and surpass your expectations at all times.

Our services include but not limited to:

Management of end to end recruitment process

HR Services

Payroll management

Deployment of manpower/scheduling and monitoring rotations


Administration and compliance

Management of trainee programme

  1. Our reputable clients acknowledge that our ability to deliver on our promise is unique in our region as we align knowledge management, professional and an organisational culture primed by: transparency, collaboration, value co-creation and enduring partnerships. Laying out these assets to you thereby guarantees that our personnel at your service have a detailed functional understanding of your requirements.  Our manpower supply and management solution will enable you deliver securely and safely to your end customer by using any combination of our personnel management solutions for either: shore-base, seafaring, heavy or light engineering solutions by:
    1. Reducing the time and in-house resources dedicated to recruitment
    2. Tapping  into a range of specialist skills offered externally
    3. Sourcing candidates from specialist talent pools
    4. Obtaining expert opinion about/knowledge of current legislation and market
    5. Obtaining global advice and knowledge
    6. Benefitting from an advisory partner that has a clear understanding of their organization/business, objectives, culture and values


The world’s trading communities as we know them today owe their existence to integrated maritime transport solutions that not only breached the tyranny of distance but also enabled efficient and effective delivery of large volumes of cargoes. Either with its own fleet of vessels that is constantly growing, chartered in tonnage or other brokerage arrangements, we provide cost effective solutions to your needs for offshore marine vessel support to the upstream oil and gas industry, domestic and international cabotage or international fixtures. To bring our experience to professionally support your business, we combine local expertise and global networks acquired over the years. Be it in the most rugged environment of the North Sea or the more benign Atlantic Ocean, seas and inland waterways, either in oil and gas, ordinary port and shipping industry operations or wider supply chain activities, these rare combinations will not only enable you to settle to your core business but help safeguard your assets and making them work hardest for you at all times.


Widely acknowledged in the shipping fraternity as the most ungrateful part of the shipping business service spectrum because the agent produces and delivers the service directly to the ship whilst it arrives, stays and departs from the port, our port agency staff turns every encounter with a ship consigned to us into a memorable experience for owners, charterers, ship’s crew and all shore base stakeholders

As your local port representative, we ensure that all efforts are made in order to make the port call as efficient as possible. Apart from protecting our Principals’ interest and ensuring an efficient port operation at all times, our functions also include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-arrival planning of vessel including arrival arrangements / vessel service planning and cargo pre-planning.
  • Port Operation including arrival clearance, co-ordination of booked services, monitoring and reporting of vessel operations and loading & discharging.
  • Departure arrangements and timely presentation of disbursement accounts.

As owner’s protective agents, NGA ensures the interest of vessel owners are protected at all times, especially in instances where charterers have appointed their own agents in port.

It is important that the husbandry services are delivered on time and well co-ordinated with the vessel operation. As agents in charge of husbandry matters, our services include, but are not limited to:

This dynamic is created and sustained on four main pillars: attention to detail and follow up actions, deploying state of the art IT solutions in reporting real time to owners/charterers, full compliance to local and international anti-corruption legislation and practices such as the US FCPA and the UK Anti Bribery Act or other such enactments and parental like care of the ship’s crew.

We are fully conscious of the fact that our clients are looking for an integrated port agency solution. Our response consists in building a network of owned organisations or integrating trusted partnerships or serving as footprints to world leaders who are keen on developing local expertise hence our recent nomination as a GAC preferred sub-agent in Cameroon. Whatever the type of fixture you are trying to conclude or ship type you are sending forth, we owe you a fiduciary responsibility to provide timely resources for you to make competent decisions. Wherever and whenever you partner with us, we are on oath that your business shall be conducted without infringing on any of the principles alluded to above to the extent that we shall rescind an otherwise lucrative appointment


Irrespective of the industry sector you serve, you require an organisation that will give you a pipeline visibility over your entire business, from up to downstream enabling you to provide cost effective and efficient, valuable, transparent, trusted and just-in-time solutions to your own and end customer’s business logistics and supply chain requirements.  Our global network rested on certified supply chain management professionals provides our patrons with customs and excise clearing and forwarding solutions that blur the impact of time zones and cultural differences on your business. By land, sea or air you are sure that with us you have found a home where your goods and services flow seamlessly across boarders into the most exacting locations on time every day any day in our global network. Our supporting backbone info and infrastructure enable you to watch these flows as they race towards their final destination.


Fully conscious of the impact of globalisation on business, the multi-national enterprise business module is no longer the capability of a privileged few, but often a dire necessity for your survival and prosperity. Necessarily you will require assistance to do so and this is where you cannot get it wrong by giving us the opportunity to handhold you in the West African market as we have the ideal connections through our network of local and regional contacts as well as seasoned professional consultants who have experience of West African business in many disciplines e.g. Operations, Business Development, Logistics and Cost Analysis and many more aspects of not just the Offshore Oil Industry We do have and will deploy only highly qualified and experienced key personnel such as:  Operations Managers, Mooring Maters, Port Captains and Marine Engineering Superintendents ready to provide the turnkey solutions for you at costs that make sense and are tailored to your business plan.

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