Job Vacancies

February 14, 2015 2:46 pm

Date: 13 February 2015

To: All Applicants


Re: Vacancies for suitably qualified & experienced officers

The attention of applicants for officer positions on board merchant navy ships is hereby drawn to

vacant positions.

All applicants should be able to sustain a conversation in French with the end customer and other

stake holders, operate in a multicultural environment and sufficiently skilled in port or terminal


1. One II/2 Master for Landing Craft: 1015GRT; 2 x 492KW. Gabon Flag. Join 15 March.

2. One Deck Officer II/1

3. One II/3 Master Vessel: 436GRT. Gabon flag. Join ASAP.

4. One III/3 Ch Engineer officer, Vessel: 2 x 650HP. Join ASAP.

5. One III/1 Second Engineer, Vessel: 613 GRT, 2 x 2500HP. Panama flag. Join 1 March.

6. One III/2 Ch Engineer officer, Vessel: 487GRT; 2 x 1750KW. Panama Flag. Join 26 Feb

7. One III/2 Ch Engineer officer 322GRT; 1750 x 2 KW. Panama Flag. Join 1 April.


Please download and fill up the forms below and then send all to our HR department at this email address:

Education and certificates-6

Personal data-4

Sea service and job experience-4

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