Today 1 May 2014 NGA Marine Services LTD celebrates the anniversary of Twenty (20) years in shipping and logistics operations. This was marked by entering into a manning services agreement with Tidewater Marine West Africa Operations with the effective start date being 1 May 1994. We are therefore proud to have been able to raise to the challenge and deliver.

Having a modest start off with only  Six (06) employees in May 1994, the organisation has grown into a solid organisation for more than 300 persons at the best of times, gainfully employed and able to contribute to the welfare of their families and communities. Whilst the manning business continues till date, the organisation has developed into an integrated shipping services hub in its West and Central Africa catchment market further fuelling it’s ambition to become a strong indigenous company with global reach. Attaining its strategic orientation as a training, supplier and career manager of reputable seafarers of all ranks; quality certified and compliant shipping, logistics and supply chain management services, our capacities are developed by employee and management team trained and certified in best in class training institutions worldwide, institutional resilience and change management that guarantee you cutting edge services based on state of the art knowledge of our trade and its operating environment. Choosing us as your human resource service provider and manager for on/offshore operations, managing your ship or forwarding a shipment is opting for timely and transparent solutions either provided solely by us or in association with strategic partners who are conscious that your supply chain up or downstream partners are the sole reason we are in business, using at it were IT solutions that guarantee 24/7/365 delivery, hence this site.

Despite a strong competition from world’s greatest names in business, our 20 years existence stay as proof that we have been able to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Our challenges have served us as lessons as we went along and our claim to be an organisation ‘where quality speaks’ is today endorsed by the client portfolio we maintain. We are set to grow even further as our march towards quality certification is on course. This ambition will be sustained by fresh and experienced managerial personnel joining our team, new sailors both ratings and officers joining ships or vessels under our management.

Whilst I join the rest of our personnel in this anniversary year in thanking all those who have braved the tides to stay on the company and assuring them of good days ahead, I salute the memory of our partners who have since rested in the Lord. We sorely miss them, but are comforted in our prayers that their sacrifices for this organisation are the living waters with which our determination to be true our corporate mission, vision and policies is sustained. In this light I urge you to return to this site always for employment opportunities, industry news covering our host communities and territories, our activities and most importantly perspectives that make you want to rediscover who you are. This will be innovation at its best.

Happy anniversary.

Gregory Alem, F.I.C.S

Managing Director