Today 1 May 2014 NGA Marine Services LTD celebrates the anniversary of Twenty (20) years in shipping and logistics operations. This was marked by entering into a manning services agreement with Tidewater Marine West Africa Operations with the effective start date being 1 May 1994. We are therefore proud to have been able to raise to the challenge and deliver. Having a modest start off with only  Six (06) employees in May 1994, the organisation has grown into a solid organisation for more than

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We welcome you on board

Where you Begin with us

You can therefore bookmark this site as the reference point for your purchase needs in the off and on shore oil and gas industry. The marine offshore support vessel industry and the maritime transport industry are where our quality is unmatched in the Central and West African sub region. This is grounded in the latest standards of leading quality institutions governing the sector in the world.

This lead will be sustained by regular updates in practical information emerging from countries in the sub-region that can impact on your operational and strategic planning policies.

It is therefore not sufficient to imitate others, but most importantly to develop the potential to decipher the issues and propose durable solutions to the challenges of today’s world that distinguishes the leaders from the followers. We position ourselves on the side of leaders with our motto being: OUR WORD OUR BOND.

We Treasure your Needs

In order for you to appreciate that we care and will make every effort to meet and exceed your expectations, we have developed a Quality Management system defined by ISO 9001 2000 requirements. Hence, every service initiative is triggered by our adequate understanding of your requirements. We also make sure we get a feedback from all our stakeholders to ascertain if your expectations are met while using the same information for continual improvement

NGA believes through the application of tomorrow’s solutions to today’s challenges, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers in the marine community.

Exchange Rates

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